About mercenary troop, lTD

Mercenary was founded on 31st december 2017, housing teams that are currently competing in; Fortnite and Counter Strike – Global Offensive. Who currently posses strong standings in their respective league’s. We also are proud to house one of the Industries top Creative and Motion Design rosters holding some of the most renowned names in the Esports Industry. This is in conjunction with our ever growing Content Creation and Streaming Roster who are explosive and passionate entertainers.

At Mercenary We Aim To; Innovate, Entertain And Set The Industry Standard For A Multi-Purpose Organization. We believe our unique approach sets us apart from the rest of the competition, and what makes such a valuable asset to the Esports industry. Our motto #ShowNoMercy embodies the organizations goal to succeed no matter what.

Our organizaton nurtures and creates teams with the philosophy that ‘to create gaming legends you need to provide them with the right enviroment so they can grow, thrive, experiment and expand’, which solidifies sustainable growth and a strong  connection with players.